Welcome to CRUSH Your Number!

Welcome to CRUSH Your Number!

This is the training specifically designed to take you to the Top 1% of the sales profession. If you're just coming on board, your first three minutes should be dedicated to watching the "Welcome" video on the right.

The "Members Home" page is your command headquarters with links to all of the training modules (see below). A new training module opens up every 7 days, since every module builds on the one before.

Don't forget, if you get lost or have a question, use the HELP | FAQ link located on the Top Nav bar of the website to contact me!

Course Contents

Click on a module to see all the lessons in that module. Then complete all of the lessons in that module before moving on. Don't forget, each module is available 7 days after the previous module opens.

A critical part of "Crush Your Number" training is the weekly group coaching calls, typically scheduled on Monday afternoons at 3:00 pm CST.  If there is a conflict, I will notify you if we need to change the date/time of the call. To joint the weekly group coaching calls, simply click on this LINK to join the ZOOM call. ZOOM is quick and easy to use AND, there is a mobile APP for your smartphone. That means you can join a ZOOM call anytime, anywhere!

By the way, this will be the link for every coaching call, so make sure you bookmark the link!