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My Promise To You

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The Right Mindset

The Top 1% of salespeople are different than the other 99%. They do things differently, but, more importantly, they think differently. To reach the summit of the selling profession requires a critical shift in mindset: how you approach your profession, how you approach customers, and how you approach each and every day. It's much more than just simple "positive thinking." I will show you how the best salespeople overcome, adapt, and consistently win where others don't.

The Right Plan

No salesperson is successful by accident, and a detailed plan is essential to that success. But, most salespeople hate planning. It's hard work and, let's face it, it's just not that sexy! But planning in the sales profession is the difference between just going out for a drive or going somewhere spectacular on your next vacation. Planning is the difference between flailing away, and consistently finding yourself in front of the high-value, high-probability opportunities that explode your income!

The Right Message

One of the primary reasons that salespeople falter is their inability to effectively communicate the value of their product or service offering. Without a compelling message AND the ability to communicate powerfully, the vast majority of most salespeople are relegated to "commodity" status and forced to compete on price along. The Top 1% of salespeople not only create the right message, they know when, where, and exactly how to deliver that message.

What salespeople say...

Katya H. // Senior Mgr. Director

Working with Kelly Riggs was not only an amazing learning experience but also always guaranteed a good laugh! His love for what he does really shines though, and paired with his ability to help you tap into your potential makes Crush Your Number a valuable experience for anyone looking to enter into the top 1% of sales. Each lesson will push you and drive you to learn more about your client, your business and yourself! I highly recommend Kelly's program to those who are serious about changing their sales for the better.

Naomi D. // Senior Director

Crush Your Number is so engaging, it's like having Kelly right there in your office. The biggest improvement I noticed, besides literally crushing my own sales goals, was the ability to know which sales to fight for and which may not be best for my company. Kelly and his course are invaluable and will certainly propel your skills and income (!) forward as long as you put in what he's giving to you.

Travis D. // CEO

We have used Kelly since the first year he founded Crush Your Number. He really gets people motivated and believing in themselves and their company! His advice and counsel have been invaluable as we have grown from a sales team of one to over 70 strong. We have used Kelly in our sales conferences, as a coach for our sales management team, and as a trainer for onboarding new Account Managers. I would highly recommend him to develop both your salespeople and your leadership team.

Brian S. // VP Sales

Kelly has a no BS kind of way of teaching and really resonated with us. He managed to change the way we think about selling, make us proud to be sellers, and force us to think about how we were providing value to our clients. Solution selling sounds like a cliché, but Kelly did a wonderful job teaching us why it's so valuable to be excited and confident, and gave us the tools to really make a difference. Most sales trainings are forgotten within weeks if not days, but we're still talking about Kelly!

Brian K.  // Regional Sales Mgr.

This sales training course was by far the most complete sales training I’ve had. The content was clear, logical and effective. Kelly has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Kelly and other participants. This format gave me the confidence to implement new sales planning in our organization. I didn’t just learn “how” to Crush Your Number but the “what” and “why” also became much clearer.

Mario M. // Regional Sales Mgr.

The Crush Your Number program is an amazing system that looks at all aspects of the sales process in great detail, with powerful techniques and tools that allowed me to be more successful in the field. I can personally attest to the positive results that the system offers. My sales team is now able to differentiate themselves from the competition and we have created a strategy to pursue high value accounts. The difference is amazing!

 Do These Problems Sound Familiar?

  • You're struggling to reach your sales revenue objectives
  • You don't get any real coaching or training from your boss
  • There is never enough time to prospect or develop your sales funnel
  • Customers want to talk price, and don't seem to care about your product's value
  • You struggle to close deals, and you think "closing" might be a black magic art
  • Your presentations are limp and ineffective, and prospects frequently ask you to leave a brochure, claiming they will "get back with you"

 Would You Like To:

  • Jump to the Top 5% and dramatically increase your income?
  • Learn a powerful and REPEATABLE sales process that consistently identifies and converts high-value prospects?
  • Learn how to develop world-class sales presentations that consistently win?
  • Learn the psychology of selling, and consistently determine your buyer's true motives?
  • Gain 8-10 hours every single week your competition doesn't get?

I teach B2B salespeople how to consistently identify and convert
high-value, high-probability prospects into long-term customers so they
can CRUSH their numbers and dramatically increase their incomes.
No hype. No nonsense. No magic bullets.

I ONLY work with goal-oriented salespeople who don’t just want to "get better," they want to CRUSH IT! These pros are willing to put the work in to make it happen. No excuses. No whining. Just get it done.