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`When you're looking to become a successful Top 1% salesperson, you look for two things:
Someone who has been there, AND, someone who knows how to teach YOU how.


You get exactly what you put into the sales profession. It is the highest-paid hard work there is. And it doesn't pay squat to the pretenders or slackers.

Are you tired of average? Are you tired of the sales manager who loves to criticize, but offers little in the way of real help? You've come to the right place. The skills and concepts you learn in "CRUSH Your Number!" will dramatically change your performance.

IF you're willing to grow and WORK.


  • 2-Time National Salesperson of the Year
  • No. 1 Sales Manager
  • Successful Entrepreneur
  • Corporate Director of Sales Development
  • Manager and lead trainer and coach in 2 corporate sales training programs
  • Founder of the Business LockerRoom, Inc.
  • In-demand business performance coach
  • Author & Speaker